Virtual Care

What is Virtual Care

Virtual Care is an extension of telehealth. It can still be delivered by a health professional via a telephone or video call with their patient; however it also includes the ability to collect and send a patient’s medical data from their smartphone directly to their care team or to a digital medical record across the mobile phone network.

Virtual Care provides benefits for patients and health providers equally.

Virtual care can help patients to receive more appropriate care in a timely fashion, and provides benefits for all patients, no matter where they live. It supports patients and families to:

  • receive care closer to home, their family and community
  • have increased convenience and choice
  • have reduced travel time and cost
  • have more equitable and timely access to services to improve continuity of care
  • have access to specialist services otherwise not available in their area
  • have ability to connect with their loved ones through technology.

Healthcare professionals have been using technology to deliver care to patients for decades. Now, with advances in technology, the support for health professionals and benefits for patients and the health system are even greater.

Virtual care supports healthcare professionals by:

  • improving access to specialist services and support
  • improving clinical networks and professional collaboration
  • facilitating flexible service delivery models and multidisciplinary care.